MLB Network: Studio K

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MLB Network StudioK Image 4
MLB Network StudioK Image 4
MLB Network StudioK Image 4

Concept Development: Brad Cheney, Director of Engineering, MLB Network

Project Management: Steve Rittenberg, Engineering Manager, MLB Network

Set Design: Clickspring Design, Bryan Higgason, VP Design

Set Fabrication: Black Walnut, Lee Martindell, Director Operations

Engineering and AV Integration: AVDS

AV Design Services worked with designers and the engineering team at MLB Network to build Studio K’s brand new, state-of-the-art television studio from the ground up. The network had a firm launch date, so time was of the utmost essence.

In addition to configuring all displays, cabling, and distributed signals, AVDS selected the most effective technology for media playback: the Extron 2-channel JPEG 2000 High Resolution Video Player with HDSDI output. Soon thereafter, the Sports Video Group published an article on their website about JPEG 2000 as the best video player for use in sports broadcast video. The technology continues to carve out a larger share of the market. Compression standards and formats like these hold the promise of paving the way for the delivery of next-gen formats like 1080p, 4K, and 8K. Having recommended this very technology for use in the Studio K build, AVDS provided the client with the ability to expand their capabilities into the next gen format, staying ahead of the technology curve.

AVDS specified all the necessary technical requirements and implemented the solution using some of the most sophisticated equipment available on the market today. Operation and control was integrated into an existing and fully operational television network.

Factors critical to the project included emphasizing performance, and incorporating ease-of-use solutions along with attractive aesthetics. The fully functional new studio successfully launched on time, effectively contributing to the continued growth of the network.

Testimonial: Jim Landy, Ross Karadjov & Jim Grimes have worked with us since we began building the MLB Network studios in 2008, leading up to the network’s launch on January 1, 2009. From supplying our AV tech to maintaining our equipment, we’ve only had good experiences with their group. They’ve always been there when we’ve called and they continue to grow with us as the network expands. We are glad to partner with them for our studio equipment and maintenance needs.

— Karen Whritner - Director, Studio Ops │ MLB Network



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